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Updated: Oct 14, 2021


SLEEPING WITH ART 2021, Text updated Sept 12th 2021


Since 1994, Jonny Ambrose has created elegant, contemporary automobile sculptures. His works are inspired by aerodynamic forms, imagined airflow and intriguing technical details.

Renowned magazine, Classic & Sportscar, said “His works celebrate automotive artistry with graceful abstraction”.

Ambrose’s sculptures grab attention for their sleek beauty, yet the viewer is drawn closer to the point of studying the work, rewarded by the visual depth of the forms, voids and views through each work: “I love to find new ways to create fascination for the viewer. Moving around and looking through a 3d sculpture offers an ever changing composition of shapes, reflections and shadows to decipher.”

“Deciphering a car form, understanding those key lines and proportions from the car designer’s mind, then interpreting that into a new artform that commands interest, is what motivates my art process,” Ambrose explains.

His works combine traditional steam-bent wood craftsmanship with digital design processes. Wood plays an important part within a rich palette of complementary materials; polished metals, carbon fibre, and bespokely designed 3d printed elements.

Ambrose enjoys evolving his visual 3d language with each new work. “I prefer to push myself, exploring new aesthetics, themes and materials, not repeat over and over.” His new ‘Skeletal Series’ works, with their inner chassis framework ‘maze’, provide a constant puzzle of parallaxing lines for the viewer.

Recent works have also featured elongated ‘low polygon’ forms, a nod to his video-game creation past: “Describing a curvaceous car form with as few angular lines as possible is a rewarding technical and visual challenge”. This series ranges from small pocket sized works to his newest, largest ever, and first outdoor sculpture, the ‘Angular Half 917’, a half scale lattice of metal and carbon fibre, debuting at Sleeping with Art.

Born 1972, he graduated BA Fine Art Sculpture, 1994, runner-up in the 1995 BRDC Young Artist Prize, and also exhibited in Frankfurt, London, Glasgow, Goodwood and Silverstone. Following a Masters MA,1998, he co-founded a successful computer games development studio in 2002, creating acclaimed games such as Guitar Hero and DJ Hero.

A full time professional artist again from 2016, Ambrose has created Octane trophies for The Quail Concours, USA 2017-2020, exhibited solo at the Historic Motoring Awards 2018-2020, and invited each year to exhibit at the prestigious Royal Automobile Club since 2017.

He creates works for international collector clients worldwide, from the Americas to Africa, Japan and Australia. His studio, gallery and wood workshop are nestled in the Warwickshire countryside, in central UK.

Ambrose works with leading automotive brands and also often donates sale proceeds to charity. Next year he will create a large F1 sculpture for Sir Jackie Stewart’s charity, to be auctioned in aid of Race Against Dementia.


250 x 90 x 42cm

Half scale sculpture in carbon fibre, aluminium, artist designed 3d printed components, 2021.


Material and plinth options available.

Edition of 9.

Contact +447979225169

Ambrose’s newest 'Skeletal Series' sculpture and largest ever work is an engaging, fascinating maze of organic, parallaxing lines depicting a polygonal styled chassis and body, inspired by the Le Mans winning Porsche 917k, 1971.


48 x 18 x 9cm

Sculpture in anodised aluminium, flame polished acrylic, carbon fibre, 3d printed components, 2021.


material options available.

Edition of 9.

Contact +447979225169

My newest 'Streamlined Series' work accentuates the iconic flowing 'Moby Dick' tail of this Le Mans racer, the light bouncing off the subtle curve differences of each longitudinal plane.


40 x 16 x 7cm.

Sculpture collaboration with Joel Clark, in nickel plated aluminium, flame polished acrylic, carbon fibre, 3d printed components, 2021.


material options available.

Edition of 9.

Contact +447979225169

A colourful collaborative work with Joel Clark's livery interpretations on my 'Streamlined Series' depiction of the be-winged and flared 1970's touring car.


40 x 16 x 5cm

Sculpture in polished 3d printed MJF nylon on oak plinth, 2021


Plinth base material options available.

Edition of 9.

Contact +447979225169

My new 'Skeletal Series' work is a fascinating maze of orgainc, paralaxing lines depicting a polygonal styled chassis and body, inspired by the Le Mans winning Porsche 917k, 1970.


64 x 16 x 9cm

Sculpture in walnut, nickel plated aluminium, flame polished acrylic, 3d printed components, 2021.


Last edition available of 9.

Contact +447979225169

This 'Streamlined Series' work captures the sleek beauty, speed and power of the 1935 Record Breaking Bluebird V, where the wood grain accentuates the imagined speeding airflow.