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The inaugural Sleeping with Art took place on the 23rd and 24th September 2021 at Lemore Estate in Herefordshire, England. 


The experience welcomed over 70 artists and seven automotive brands to a stunning secluded venue about 3 hours away from London. 


The sun was shining both days, the artwork looked magnificent inside and outside the house and the most common feedback received was: "I was blown away".

Guests and artists enjoyed cocktails provided by Classic Racing Gin and Blackbull Whisky, coffee by Artisan Coffee Co, delicious homemade pizza and car shaped cookies and snacks. 

Later that night, VIP guests enjoyed a special dinner which included a 15 minutes break between courses for a live graffiti show by the talented London graffiti artists involved in The What's in a Can Movement

Sleeping with Art is not quite like anything ever done before.

All those invited to take part of this unique experience has a personal or professional link with cars and/or art. 

Many work in the automotive sector, others are car or art collectors with a passion towards machines. 

The event is designed as an enriching and inspiring experience, every year. 

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