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“FRESH OUTTA… by Anthony Partridge.

Custom Harley Davidson 1200 Roadster, hand-built with the best high performance race parts. This is a completely unique take on a Harley, Anthony wanted to create an edgy bike like nothing else on the scene. In a world of complex curves and rounded edges he wanted this build to be sharp, aggressive and different. 1/1.


Instagram: @iammrpartridge

Originally designed to race on ice in Sweden for Harley, as part of the international TV series Goblin Works Garage. Anthony achieved 179.6 kph on the ice, so this bike is as much about function, as it is about form. Featured in numerous publications and shows around Europe as well as on TV, this is the true definition of an “Art Bike”.


Anthony Partridge has always been passionate about motorcycles, however it took many years for him to realise this passion, which would be the driving force behind his success. He got his first bike at the age of 11, but it wasn’t until he got his first Harley that he started building bikes properly. As well as founding the biggest custom motorcycle shop in Spain, Anthony has gone on to win numerous shows and awards for his unique designs. This lead to him working closely with major motorcycle manufacturers around the world, building concepts and prototypes.

Most recently Anthony is known for his role in international hit TV series Goblin Works Garage (on Discovery Channel, MotorTrend, Dmax and Quest TV) where he also designs, builds and races custom motorcycles and cars.

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