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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

The Monuments #2 © Ian Rayer-Smith

200cm x 170cm

Acrylic on canvas


£10,000 + VAT

Framing options available

John Cotton: +447788276922

Servanne Sohier: +447779577614

Organic form, signs of life yet not recognisable. From ‘The Monuments’ series


Born in Farnham, England in 1970, Ian Rayer-Smith spent twenty years in business, working in the distribution and heath lifestyle industries before beginning his practice as an artist. Having had no formal training or prior experience, Rayer-Smith started to paint as a means of escape, discovering his talent at the age of 36.

Fascinated by the medium and its possibilities, Ian found himself propelled into a completely different career change from entrepreneur to a full-time artist. After completing a degree in visual arts, he has since encountered a dramatic trajectory into the art world: attracting the attention of prominent collectors, winning several awards, and being featured in various international art publications.

Seven years on Ian has his own gallery in Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter open by appointment and a large painting studio in a converted mill in Cheshire.

Ian’s paintings have a visceral yet emotional quality. He is currently represented by galleries in London, Melbourne, Paris and Florida.

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