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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The Bathtub © Etienne Franzac

Lotus 25 Racer

Inspired by the championship winning 1963 car, driven by Jim Clark.

Dimensions: 163 x 74 x 40cm

Materials: The body work is made of hand planed ash held inplace by brass nails.

The cockpit is covered with a ziricote marquetry / the back swamp oak marquetry.

The wheels and tyres are made of lime wood.

The gearbox, hubs, rear shocks and the steering wheel are made of walnut.

The axles and the intake manifold are fabricated in steel.

Edition: Currently only this example exists, however Etienne reserves the option to produce other examples in the future.

Price: 25,000 EUR

For further information about this work or to purchase, please contact Etienne directly:

Etienne Franzak

+33 627 181 357

Les Berlies

04340 Ubaye Serre Ponçon



From a young age, Etienne watched his father at work, he observed and copied. Through this learning in his formative years, a practical skillset was established and a foundation laid for what he would go on to do later in life.

Etienne worked as an economist until the age of thirty, but then felt the need to create come to the fore. Through an apprenticeship carried out within the Superior School of Cabinetmaking of Barcelonnette, his practical skills were honed and professionalized.

Etienne's vision of craftsmanship is a purist's approach, he works sketching designs with pen and paper. This physical process and interaction with line, form and materials remains a priority for him in all that he does.

​He takes his inspiration from the era of classic racing, reinterprets it, staying faithful to the original idea he works to resolve technical constraints allowing the essence of a design to come through.

From motorsport, custom culture, child hood influences, to his surroundings of the French Alps, Etienne combines these sources of inspiration into his work. The result is a very clear and strong identity with an exquisite sculptural qaulity to it, celebrating materials and craftsmanship.

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