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Senna at Lawes © David O'Brien


Ayrton Senna is my childhood F1 hero, known as the King of Monaco this mosaic is based on one of the photographs taken of Senna in his McLaren at Lowes hairpin with the casino behind. It shows the famous steps which lead to the casino. The mosaic is made up of in excess of 2000 individual pieces using a mix of matt and gloss tile along with differing depths, it’s also been finished in parts with a diamond grout finish which gives the impression of movement and sunlight reflection.

Dimensions: 61 cm x 84 cm

Price: £1,895

F40 © David O'Brien


The F40 was the car poster on my bedroom wall as a child. This is a half scale F40 front end, with some tweaks giving the illusion of it exploding through a wall at eyelevel. This is the first 3D sculptural mosaic car model I’ve produced, after visualising making such a piece for many years.

Dimensions: 102cm x 23cm x 23cm

Price: £2,595

Hamilton Helmet JPS © David O'Brien


This Lewis Hamilton inspired mosaic helmet design pays homage to the racing colours of the JPS teams of the past. Finished in timeless black and gold. The gold tile is mirror ceramic. I finish most of my helmets with a ‘casino chip’ visor screw as a nod to Monaco. The helmet is secured to a race helmet so it can also be worn for a photograph.

Dimensions: 33cm x 28cm x 28cm

Price: £1,495

Seven Stars © David O'Brien


This ceramic mosaic helmet is inspired by Michael Schumacher’s racing helmets. The visor is finished with a mirror gold ceramic tile and has the 7 stars on top. The Ferrari prancing horse is displayed on the rear, utilising Ferrari yellow coloured tile. As the mosaic sits attached to a helmet it can also actually be worn for a photograph. I finish most of my helmets with a ‘casino chip’ visor screw as a nod to Monaco.

Dimensions: 33cm x 28cm x 28cm

Price: £1,495

Hot Lips © David O'Brien


Music is a big part of my life and The Rolling Stones are one of my favourite bands. This mosaic is of a classic LP cover/artwork and shows the world famous logo of the band. Finished using gloss ceramic tiles and very subtle diamond dust.

Dimensions: 61cm x 61 cm

Price: £1,295

Charlies Eyes © David O'Brien


I have made this mosaic to celebrate Charlie Watts after his sad recent passing. Based around the famous photo by Terry O’Neill. Using just three main colours mixing matt and gloss ceramics. I wanted it to be moody and really show his eyes, It is finished with black glitter grout to have the impression of flecks of light behind him.

Dimensions: 61cm x 41 cm

Price: £1,195


David O'Brien can create just about anything with his intricate talent for mosaic wall art and scupture. After visiting Barcelona's famous Park Guell in the 1990's, O'Brien's inspiration and passion for mosaic art was ignited, from here his art journey had begun.

Born in Liverpool, O'Brien went to school at St Margarets in Aigburth, playing football in his early years. His passions also extended to music, racing cars, pop art and designer trainers, all strong influences which come through in his works.

His mosaics grace collections across the world, where their intricacy and attention to detail shine. O'Brien becomes enamoured with every stage in the creation, not releasing a work until he is satisfied with every aspect.

Being hand produced by O'Brien himself, each work differs and can be considered unique. To discuss bespoke comissions and newly released works which are available to purchase, please contact David directly.

Instagram: @bigandsmallmosaics

Tel: +44 7764 566005

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