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Price for each: 2800 euro

Size ar 60x40cm (70x50cm framed)

Contact details BART KUYKENS Analog Photographer M: +32 484 629 158 IG: @bartkuykens Bio: Bart Kuykens is a Belgian photographer, born 19/02/1975 and artist. He is the creative director and author of the book series ‘A Flat 6 Love Affair’. He is also knows for his charity work for UNICEF and other charitable organisations. Bart is the main artist (or whatever you wanna name it) at the SLEEPING WITH ART event in the UK, which is the largest event in UK history. Career Bart Kuykens successfully navigated both the art world and commercial photography since the outset of his career. Following the global success of his hugely successful automotive art books 'A Flat6 love affair', he has attracted the attention of world-class actors, musicians, and media personalities who became subjects of his grainy, visually-rich and powerful black and white portraits. His minimalist analog-only approach makes him a sought after professional in today's dynamic landscape. His signature style is edgy, dark and sometimes a little dirty but always playful with a classy touch. Photography Bart Kuykens photographed Paloma Picasso, Anton Corbijn, Asia Argento, Jay Leno, Jay Kay, Mark Mahoney, Poppy Delevingne, Patrick Dempsey, Macy Gray, Magnus Walker, Henk Schiffmacher, Kim Jones, Paul Oakenfold, Sonny Hall and many more….

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