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Mick & Aston © Gered Mankowitz

Format: Chromaluxe print on sheet aluminium.

Specification: Fully weatherproof / acid resistant. Chromaluxe prints are a dye sublimation process whereby the photographic image is actually embedded into a special surface finish on a sheet of aluminium.

Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm.

Edition: 1/5 signed on reverse.


Jack Traquair

Traquair Acquisitions

+44 7702 495689

+44 2074 939522

Taken in the mews where Mick was living at the time, this iconic image of Mick sitting cross legged in front of his Aston Martin transports the viewer back in time to the summer of 1966. The Rolling Stones coming of age and the cars to match.


Rock & Roll hall of fame photographer, true gent and one of the most honed creative eyes I've ever come across.

I phoned Gered in the spring time of 2021 and in broad strokes I explained Renata's concept and the vision she had for uniting the Automotive and Art worlds and celebrating the creativity of both. Gered listened and picked up the essence of what I was trying to convey. He went away and produced a pair of new format editions to launch at the inaugural Sleeping with Art event.

The theme fitted beautifully with images he took in the summer of 1966, the Rolling Stones with their cars. Specifically Mick with his Aston Martin and Keith with his Bentley. Both beautiful images from his archive, but Gered took the automotive aspect further, creating chromaluxe prints on sheet aluminium, doing away with the need for a frame and focussing one's eye simply on the image as it floats on the wall.

Gered has cropped these images to their essence, accentuating the relationship between owner and car. I know these images well, but with this new format and scale, I am seeing details I've never noticed before. Displayed individually or as a pair, they are serious works of art.

Very low volume editions of only 5 per image for this format. The editons will launch at Sleeping with Art 2021 with numbers 1/5 of each image available at the event and orders for the edition run being taken.

For further information about the edition launch or to purchase works, please contact:

Jack Traquair

Traquair Acquisitions

+44 7702 495689

+44 2074 939522


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