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by Sleeping with Art

What is IMAGINA?

IMAGINA is a mobile digital art exhibition unit designed and built to be placed on city streets. 

The concept was developed as a solution for digital artists, automotive and design brands to showcase their latest digital artwork, NFT, design concepts or creative collaborations easily in special locations in the world’s busiest cities.


Why is it called IMAGINA?

IMAGINA means IMAGINE in Portuguese and Spanish.
It is a window into the minds of the world’s greatest artists and designers, a portal to possibilities not yet explored or created with innovation in mind.


How does IMAGINA’s unit work?
The unit is modular, light, secure, weather proof and can be easily transported in one single piece to any location accessed by a small trailer. Inside the unit there is a large bespoke LED screen to showcase digital art in exceptional quality. The artwork displayed inside the unit can be seen through the walls and passers by can enter the unit to immerse themselves in a temporary visual and audio haven thanks to the state-of-the-art speakers embedded within the walls. The unit is managed and locked remotely at night and is tracked and visible to hidden cameras nearby 24hs a day.


What can IMAGINA be used for?
IMAGINA facilitates that design concepts by brands, NFTs and digital artwork are seen and physically experienced b
y different audiences during short periods of time without the need of a venue. Brands and artists can choose the best locations for their projects and go from location to location seamlessly. The units are synonym with innovation and only show high-quality work by influential artists and global brands.


How long can IMAGINA be hired for?
From 2 weeks to one entire year, they can stay in one location or move from month to month.

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