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Moonlight Limo © Furr Mankowitz

Format: A monochrome Chromaluxe print on sheet aluminium, which has been overpainted by hand and outlined with luminous paint.

Dimensions: 213cm x 92 cm

Display: Framed behind glass.

Edition: 1/1 certificated, provenance direct from the artists, this is a unique work and the only example in existence.

Price: £POA

To purchase or discuss this work further please contact:

Jack Traquair

Traquair Acquisitions

+44 7702 495 689

+44 2074 939 522

A unique pinnacle work, created for the inaugural Sleeping with Art event 2021. Continuing the collaborative work between Christian Furr and Gered Mankowitz, this piece is a heavyweight contemporary offering. The rolling Stones on tour in the US in the October of 1965, heading into NYC in the back of a Cadillac Limo, having just landed on a flight from London about to start their US tour.

The work is comprised of two overlaid negatives, shot by Gered on his Hasselblad camera as he turned from the front seat.

Christian Furr has then taken the work, explored the themes running through it, overpainted Gered's original Chromaluxe print on sheet aluminium. He added another layer to the visual by outlining The Stones so that they glow in low light.

Moonlight Limo is presented framed and behind glass to protect the delicate hand painted finish applied by Christian.


A meeting of minds, Royal portrait painter Christian Furr and Rock & Roll hall of fame photographer Gered Mankowitz collaborated to explore a selection of images from Gered's archive. Focusing on music industry icons, the 45 RPM project commenced.

Both men comment on how seamless this collaboration was in practice, from the selection and crop of images through to the handover to Christian where he explored colour and tone, adding a further dynamic to the visual whole.

A highly acclaimed project, of which we are very grateful to be able to show a selection at the inaugural Sleeping with Art event.

Further from this project, both Gered and Christian tuned into the essence of Sleeping with Art, the story telling, the journeys we take and the footprint in time we all leave as we walk our paths. They set out to create something truly special for the 2021 event. A work inspired by their 45 RPM project, with a thread from the essence of Sleeping with Art interwoven. The resulting work, titled 'Moonlight Limo' is one of the most profound contemporary works that I've seen in over a decade working in the art world. It weaves so many threads and themes into a hauntingly beautiful whole. From the 27 club through to the passing of the baton within the Rolling Stones from Brian to Mick, Keith once saying 'it's as if there are two of Mick........' and of course the jourenys we take in automobiles, through the night, together we travel.

Moonlight Limo represents so much. A true heavyweight work of our time, looking back to a golden era for creativity and travel. A serious addition to a contemporary collection.

For further details on the 45 RPM works exhibited at the event, or the unique one off work created for the inaugural Sleeping with Art 'Moonlight Limo' please contact:

Jack Traquair

Traquair Acquisitions

+44 7702 495 689

+44 2074 939 522


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