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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Liktrít Lif - World Map © Kristjana S Williams

Original artwork

155cm x 95cm approx

Mixed media and paper

£9,500 + VAT


John Cotton: +447788276922

Servanne Sohier: +447779577614

A 'colourful life’ world map, a stunningly beautiful contemplation of the continents and oceans of the world, iridescent in their glorious kaleidoscope of colour. A vibrant flutter of colour weeps across the piece, enabling the continents to glow with a pastel luminosity. Cumulus clouds dance with purpose above the roof of the world, morphing as they move, surveying their ever-changing landscape. But the animals below are not lost to this world. A pair of minke whales, part hidden by the pervading flora, serve as compass points to these long journeyed travellers, led on by irrepressible parrots and a myriad of butterflies, flitting effortlessly between sea and sky. The hero pair of flamingo's a counterpoint to the wild border, almost fading into the base. Delicate 3D elements hover over the map of the earth; Kristjana’s fantastical and heroic animals symbolising the progress of both the natural and human worlds.


Icelandic born artist Kristjana S Williams studied graphic design and illustration at Central St Martins, and quickly gained critical acclaim as Creative Director of 'Beyond the Valley', a position she held for eight years. In 2011 she began creating fine art pieces as well as illustrating books and designing interior items.

Her designs are inspired by nature, and her technique involves digitally and physically layering nature upon nature to mirror the symmetry that exists in all living things. Each piece is its own magical universe of exotic botanicals and vibrant animals.

Described by the New York Times as part of the ‘new antiquarian movement’, Kristjana’s three dimensional original work, Limited Edition prints and interior products feature Victorian engravings, which the artist has blended with verdant and exotic flora and fauna to stunning effect. Animals and insects are intertwined with lavish foliage, layered over ancient shipping maps and antique photographs. Fantastical new creatures are born, and what Kristjana calls ‘wishful forests’. These alluringly immersive two and three dimensional tableaus have won Kristjana many international awards including the Pentawards, D&D in book, a Clio Award and first prize in the New York Festivals Grand Prix.

Kristjana’s unique aesthetic, which is both mythical and modern, has led to collaborations with heritage brands such as Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Browns Hotel and Penhaligon's as well as the iconic contemporary marques such as Paul Smith, Victoria & Albert Museum and London’s Shard.

Kristjana lives and works in West London.

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