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Icons of Movement © Rick Noël

Capturing two of the most iconic vehicles to come out of Europe together.

100cm x 150cm

Original Photo on canvas, 2021


Floating Canvas Frame


Born 1983, Suffolk, UK

Rick Noël is an established automotive and motorsports photographer who has worked alongside automotive companies, motorsports teams and high end automotive event organisers.

His passion for the art of photography, from the technical aspects through to the final product, are matched only by his passion for all things automotive.

He spent his formative years as a mechanical engineer in a spectrum of industries from music and the arts, heavy industry to motorsport. His appreciation of detail and design, stoked by his background in engineering, gives him a unique perspective which comes across in his art.

His work has been used to produce high end imagery used in successful social media campaigns, large print advertising, international publications and award-winning blogs.

In his down time he mentors a number of young photographers, enabling them to get the most out of their equipment while embracing their own photographic style.

Rick’s work is on display in various places globally and recently a piece was auctioned to raise money for the AMHT (Aston Martin Heritage trust) for a record amount.

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